Ogilvy: Ministry of Equality’s In Spain We Call it Equality

Group of girls having fun with text saying 'In In Spain we call it Equality'

Ogilvy: Ministry of Equality’s In Spain We Call it Equality

Celebrating feminist victory in everyday situations

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Ogilvy partnered with Spain’s Ministry of Equality to launch In Spain We Call It Equality. Highlighting the everyday feminist behaviours present in Spanish society that on many occasions go unnoticed, the campaign aims to connect and empathise with society by showing different feminist attitudes and actions that citizens have internalised.

The agency focused on situations such as a grandmother meeting her granddaughter's girlfriend or a father dancing in the living room with his son, situations that may not be instantly recognised as feminist but are.

The campaign points out that feminist ideas have become part of day-to-day life and are often overlooked, yet still contribute to living in a better society. Celebrating these gestures, these very human situations, is celebrating feminism.

Set to the soundtrack of the song In Spain We Call It Soledad, by Rigoberta Bandini and performed by Carlotta Cosials, the film is positioned as a hymn to equality and a celebration of the thousands of different forms of feminism within Spain.

The campaign, which comes to life across radio, print digital and outdoor touchpoints, points out that the behaviours shown in the film are the result of feminist policies and demonstrate how Spain is moving towards a more equitable, fair and inclusive future. Spanish people are practicing feminist behaviour even if they don’t call it “feminism.”