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Atticus awards & journal

Celebrating original thinking in marketing communications


The Atticus Awards are a celebration of original thinking. This thinking underpins everything we do. From commerce to creativity, media buying to PR, being unique, visionary and insightful is central to the work we do for clients.

The awards are open to everyone working at WPP and its agencies globally. There are two awards: the Adam Smith Award for overall original thinking, and the New Talent Award for those with less than five years' experience in our industry. Competition entries are judged by a panel of our senior leaders. The entries from the two winners and the runners up are published below.

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Atticus is an outpouring of insight, intellect and expertise from our people. These are the people who are helping brands succeed around the world; their ideas and the execution of those ideas make our industry sing

Mark Read CBE

Chief Executive Officer


Congratulations to our two winners. The Adam Smith Award went to Shelina Janmohamed from Ogilvy Consulting; and the New Talent Award went to Marcel Buettner and Lukas Burs from GroupM Science.



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30 Nov 2023

Finding the Gen X factor

Zoe Bowen-Jones and Damian Thompson of Wavemaker confront bias and marketing mishaps to over 45s in social

Abstract image of hands touching

30 Nov 2023

Radical reconnection: the new brand KPI

The most powerful thing brands can do now is to bring people together, says Marie Stafford of Wunderman Thompson Intelligence

Image of statue and brights orbs representing AI

30 Nov 2023

Leveraging large language models in advertising

Ella Thackray and Matt Northin of Mindshare explain how large language models (LLMs) enable a better understanding of user intent

Contrast Hemispheres

30 Nov 2023

Project management: a choreography for marketing transformation

Incorporating project management principles can unlock transformation, says Gonçalo dos Santos Rodrigues of Wunderman Thompson

Two abstract heads overlapping

30 Nov 2023

Embracing bi-cultural diversity: fostering workplace connections

Chelsea Breur of Wavemaker and Julia Rast of Xaxis (GroupM Nexus) explore the dynamic interplay of bi-cultural identity, the concept of home and the power of authenticity as we cultivate a diverse workplace

Abstract pink 3D shapes on a see saw

30 Nov 2023

Making reach more effective in building brands

Sudarshan Saha and Dibendu Moulick of EssenceMediacom in Vietnam explain how a simple framework – for use in data-fragmented markets – can help with investment decisions by combining views and reach

Multi coloured cards with therapeutic language prompts on them

30 Nov 2023

Language as a therapeutic tool

How whiteGREY harnessed the power of language to create The Hope Narratives: a world-first therapeutic tool, designed to treat ‘ambiguous loss’

illustration of abstract people from different cultures and age

30 Nov 2023

Navigating a diverse landscape

Hayley Bowling of AKQA sets out her lessons learned from leading a global diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiative from APAC

Image of rocket going up a graph representing growth

30 Nov 2023

The big picture: an alternative to ROI

Aline Prates of WPP’s VMLY&R presents a reasoned point of view about the use of return on investment (ROI) as the only measure of success for a communication effort

letters falling into smartphone

30 Nov 2023

Accessibility advances alongside alphabetisation

Larry Nocella at CMI Media Group and Compas explains a simple design idea that will improve every single app’s accessibility at no extra cost

A pink hand surrounded by light-up love hearts

30 Nov 2023

Why Gen Z stereotypes aren’t working

Taylor Orford – a Gen Z – at Ogilvy comments on generational generalisations and how brands can use subcultures to connect authentically

Saturated colourful high rise buildings on a navy background

30 Nov 2023

When buildings sing

Mike Woolson of Design Bridge and Partners explains why workplace branding is an essential part of an organisation’s cultural and communication strategy

Flowing soft smooth round render background

30 Nov 2023

Values, multi-crisis and the ‘uncertainty complex’

Against a backdrop of increasing uncertainty and change, human values are a persistent truth that brands can leverage to strengthen relationships and drive growth, says Steven Johnson of BCW