Right to Speak

WPP’s confidential speak up helpline

WPP’s Codes of Conduct set out our responsibilities to our people, partners, and shareowners, to act ethically and legally. We want to encourage a culture of integrity and transparency and we want our people to do the right thing automatically. Part of this culture is making sure that people have confidence to speak up and raise concerns if they experience or hear about behaviour which is at odds with the principles stated in our Codes. 

To allow our people, partners and suppliers to raise these concerns, we operate our Right To Speak helpline, which is free and confidential, and allows anyone to raise their concerns anonymously and confidentially. 

WPP does not tolerate any retaliatory behaviour against individuals reporting concerns. We are committed to providing a safe and confidential way for people with genuine concerns to raise them, and to do so without fear of reprisals. 
If you raise a concern, please be aware that, for legal reasons, we cannot provide you with a report of how any subsequent investigation is concluded. 

Details of WPP’s Right To Speak line can be found at the link below and in the attached PDFs, which as you can see have been translated for ease. If you are unable to find the number you need in the PDFs below, please refer to the full list of numbers for each country here. You can also use +44 1249 661808 from anywhere in the world (this is an international rate number).

Right to Speak English PDF 105KB Algeria PDF 325KB Argentina PDF 107KB Australia PDF 107KB Austria PDF 113KB Bahrain PDF 188KB Bangladesh PDF 107KB Belgium PDF 111KB Bolivia PDF 17KB Bosnia PDF 108KB Bosnia and Herzegovina - Serbian PDF 156KB Botswana PDF 111KB Brazil PDF 108KB Bulgaria PDF 107KB Burma PDF 213KB Cambodia PDF 108KB Cameroon - English PDF 111KB Cameroon - French PDF 115KB Canada PDF 107KB Chile PDF 107KB China PDF 613KB Colombia PDF 107KB Costa Rica PDF 107KB Croatia PDF 108KB Cyprus PDF 147KB Czech Republic PDF 107KB Denmark PDF 107KB Dominican Republic PDF 104KB Ecuador PDF 17KB Egypt PDF 186KB El Salvador PDF 17KB Estonia PDF 108KB Ethiopia PDF 111KB Finland PDF 108KB France PDF 109KB Germany PDF 113KB Ghana PDF 107KB Guatemala PDF 17KB Hong Kong PDF 265KB Hungary PDF 108KB India - English PDF 111KB India - Hindi PDF 127KB Indonesia PDF 108KB Iraq PDF 187KB Ireland PDF 108KB Israel PDF 108KB Italy PDF 106KB Japan PDF 207KB Kazakhstan - Russian PDF 133KB Kenya PDF 108KB Kuwait PDF 186KB Latvia PDF 107KB Lebanon PDF 262KB Luxembourg - French PDF 109KB Luxembourg - German PDF 113KB Malawi PDF 111KB Malaysia PDF 108KB Mauritius PDF 111KB Mexico PDF 107KB Mongolia PDF 111KB Nepal PDF 111KB Netherlands PDF 108KB New Zealand PDF 108KB Nigeria PDF 108KB Norway PDF 107KB Oman PDF 186KB Pakistan PDF 107KB Panama PDF 107KB Paraguay PDF 107KB Peru PDF 107KB Philippines PDF 108KB Poland PDF 108KB Portugal PDF 108KB Puerto Rico PDF 108KB Qatar PDF 186KB Romania PDF 107KB Russia PDF 132KB Rwanda - English PDF 111KB Rwanda - French PDF 115KB Saudi - Arabia PDF 167KB Senegal - French PDF 110KB Serbia PDF 156KB Singapore PDF 107KB Slovak Republic PDF 107KB Slovenia PDF 107KB South Africa PDF 108KB South Korea PDF 105KB Spain PDF 107KB Sri Lanka PDF 109KB Swaziland PDF 111KB Sweden PDF 108KB Switzerland - French PDF 109KB Switzerland - German PDF 113KB Syria PDF 187KB Taiwan PDF 265KB Tanzania PDF 108KB Thailand PDF 108KB Trinidad and Tobago PDF 108KB Tunisia PDF 262KB Turkey PDF 126KB Uganda PDF 107KB Ukraine - Russian PDF 133KB United Arab Emirates PDF 187KB Uruguay PDF 107KB USA PDF 108KB Uzbekistan - Russian PDF 132KB Venezuela PDF 107KB Vietnam PDF 107KB Zambia PDF 107KB

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