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Work culture and environment

Our mission is to build and foster an inclusive culture of belonging, one that is equitable and respectful of diverse thought and individual expression.

We celebrate our differences: race, religion, national origin, colour, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, background, lived experiences and more. To do this, we:

  • Take a truly global view of inclusion and diversity, understanding that diversity means different things in different parts of the world
  • Bring together leaders and champions across the WPP network committed to creating and sustaining a culture of inclusion and belonging
  • Work in partnership with our people, our clients and our communities towards a more inclusive society

Being the employer of choice for all is central to our people strategy. This means hiring and retaining exceptional, diverse talent – the kind of people who are drawn to WPP by our purpose of building better futures. It is why we put the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion at the centre of everything we do, from how we hire and grow our people, to how we ensure our philosophy on performance management prioritises fairness and equity.

Our ambition is to create workplaces where our people feel not only that they have opportunities to thrive, but also that they are celebrated. We will offer every person the opportunity to learn, grow, and do amazing creative work, surrounded by leaders and colleagues who are inclusive and kind. We believe that ultimately diversity and difference will combine to produce extraordinary creativity, manifested in the work we do for our clients and the impact we have on the world.

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WPP inclusion council

Inclusion Council

Our Inclusion Council was established to help accelerate change throughout WPP. The members of the Council have been chosen to represent the world in which we live and to reflect the breadth of our global organisation. Their role is to give a voice to under-represented groups at the highest level of WPP, recommend programmes, policies and initiatives that will systemically create more inclusive and diverse workplaces, provide input on leadership succession, remove barriers to progress and assist in setting aspirational targets for elevating under-represented talent.

If you work at WPP, you can find out more details here

Employee communities

We have diverse and vibrant employee communities – spaces created by passionate individuals across WPP so they can come together to support and celebrate one another, and make a difference within WPP and across our industry.
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A network of individuals passionate about championing greater ethnic and cultural diversity within the advertising industry, our agencies and our work.

If you work at WPP you can find out more details and how to join here.


An LGBTQ+ community united to ensure diverse thinking and creativity thrives within WPP’s workplaces and within its work.

If you work at WPP you can find out more details and how to join here.

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Our commitments