VML: Virgin Voyages’ Jen AI

AI image of Jennifer Lopez in a red dress lying on an outdoor couch

VML: Virgin Voyages’ Jen AI

Capitalising on generative AI and star power

In the highly competitive landscape of travel, Virgin Voyages faced the challenge of capturing attention, fostering engagement and driving bookings. Capitalising on the excitement around generative AI technology, VML worked with Virgin Voyages to devise a campaign experience that felt uniquely personal, shareable and inspired potential travellers to celebrate their milestones with Virgin Voyages.

VML’s creative approach blended widespread interest in AI with the celebrity appeal of Jennifer Lopez, providing the target audience with a flavour of the extraordinary experiences they might expect aboard a Virgin Voyages cruise.

This core idea was then personalised at scale, enabling consumers to create custom videos that invited their friends and family to join them on a cruise through the digital twin of Jennifer Lopez, “Jen AI”. Users could instruct Jen AI to personally invite their guest and tailor the invitation message to the personal milestone they wanted to celebrate together.

The campaign successfully cut through the saturated travel market, demonstrating the playful spirit of the Virgin Voyages brand and showcasing the broad range of services and experiences aboard their ships. Jen AI became a viral sensation with over two billion impressions, which not only significantly boosted web traffic for Virgin Voyages but also yielded 25,000+ personalised invites and a notable surge in bookings.