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Super Bowl 2023: dynamic and multi-dimensional

The game, the people, the advertising and the halftime show – that’s what the Super Bowl has always been about. Now smartphones, apps, online chat and virtual communities make the Super Bowl multi-dimensional, says Chris Console of WPP Sport Practice

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Climate change and biodiversity

We must think creatively – both collectively and individually – if we are to tackle climate risk and nature loss

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Data and AI

From ethics to culture, see WPP's latest thinking on how organisations can most effectively and responsibly use data and AI

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Commerce: innovation and inspiration

Commerce has entered a new phase. Brands are harnessing creativity, putting the customer experience front and centre, tackling carbon generation and employing AI technologies

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People, communities and markets

How we communicate with people depends upon how they define themselves as individuals, communities and markets. People are complex and inter-sectional and so are their needs

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The metaverse: new ground for creative transformation

In response to the metaverse explosion, we explore the opportunities for brands to build new relationships with consumers

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Creativity, innovation and change

Creativity sparks ideas, surfaces alternative viewpoints, fosters collaboration, helps us grow, and brings change

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Featured work

Woman having band aid put on after injection

30 Mar 2022

MediaCom: Walgreen’s Vaccine Readiness Model

Helping to vaccinate the United States against COVID-19

Image of ice cap melting

30 Mar 2022

Grey: Volvo’s Ultimate Safety Test

Placing sustainability at the heart of Volvo’s brand

Genesis Curry Flow NFT

30 Mar 2022

Berlin Cameron: Under Armour's Genesis Curry Flow

The metaverse is real – just ask Under Armour

Gamers with lightening bolt between them

30 Mar 2022

Superunion and Hogarth: Riot Games Annie-versary

Celebrating the 10th 'Annie-versary' of League of Legends China