Superunion and Hogarth: Riot Games Annie-versary

Gamers with lightening bolt between them

Superunion and Hogarth: Riot Games Annie-versary

Celebrating the 10th 'Annie-versary' of League of Legends China

Riot Games brought us League of Legends, the most played PC game in the world. They also created the annual League of Legends World Championships, the most widely viewed and followed esports events in the world. And with the League of Legends 10th anniversary on the horizon, they needed to celebrate in true Riot Games fashion, with the help of Superunion Asia.

Working in partnership with the Riot Games team, Superunion developed the 'Annie-versary' campaign as a nod to the famous League of Legends character, Annie, an iconic gamer champion. With the insight from Riot Games that gamers love finding Easter eggs and the feeling of being truly part of a gaming community, the campaign taps into the League of Legends players’ secret language and evokes memories from the past ten years of gameplay

The campaign uses memes, secret words and insider jokes, piecing them together to follow a protagonist’s ten-year gaming journey with League of Legends, sharing the wild ride with the gaming community.

Riot Games led the film creation and art direction, and Superunion curated the story, developed the creative strategy and ran the post-production including 3D animations, 2D graphics and animated text. The production was provided by Hogarth Worldwide.

The film launched at a grand opening celebration event at Hangzhou Olympic Sport Centre and featured across all social media platforms and broadcast media.