Map: Sky Glass

Image of sky glass TV and jellyfish

Map: Sky Glass

Say goodbye to the satellite dish, say hello to Sky Glass

Sky collaborated with AKQA’s pre-eminent industrial design studio, Map, to create Sky Glass, the world’s first carbon-neutral TV, requiring 50% less energy than a typical TV and soundbar set-up.

One wire and one plug – Sky Glass breaks with the tired conventions of television design. Typically, televisions sit at the heart of a complex ecosystem of surrounding technologies including multiple remotes, set-top box, soundbars and smart speakers.

With Sky Glass, however, Map designed a television that integrates hardware, software and content into a single unit, as well as creating an immersive home cinema experience straight out of the box.

By combining industrial design with Sky’s service, Glass also takes a first step towards imagining a more environment-friendly future for televisions. While most televisions and related devices quickly end up in landfill as technology advances, Glass can add new features as technology is upgraded – extending the product’s lifespan, as well as cutting down on waste.