Wavemaker: L’Oréal Malaysia

L’Oréal Facebook live - two women standing at Facebook live counter

Wavemaker: L’Oréal Malaysia

Moving into a new era of the online shopping experience with Facebook Live

As the world’s largest beauty and personal care company, L’Oréal’s portfolio of over 50 brands includes makeup and skincare products which are especially popular in Malaysia.

In partnership with Wavemaker, the luxe division of the skincare company embraced the trends of conversational commerce and livestreaming by holding a 12-hour virtual beauty festival on Facebook Live via Messenger. This brought in one month’s worth of online sales in just 24 hours.

During the event, each brand was given a slot to feature its products, introduce celebrities, industry experts and beauty influencers, as well as host giveaways and flash sales.

During the Facebook Live event, presenters encouraged viewers to use a dedicated hashtag in the comments, which triggered a personalised conversation via Messenger. Customers could then interact with a beauty advisor for a one-on-one consultation, place orders and follow guided assistance to make payment.

In the lead-up to the virtual beauty festival, L’Oréal and Wavemaker ran a Facebook ad campaign. After the live event, a dynamic ad campaign – using data from the festival – allowed L'Oreal to reach a wider audience.

Thanks to Messenger and Wavemaker, L’Oréal’s virtual beauty festival embraced conversational commerce and provided a seamless purchase experience. The event reached 2.6 million people, delivered over 17,000 chats in 24 hours and a 4X increase in sales vs daily average.

Eda Lim, Head of Digital and eCommerce, L’Oréal Luxury Malaysia said:

“Experimenting with new sales formats always requires meticulous planning, and planning an all-day virtual beauty festival with multiple brands was an incredibly ambitious effort. Thanks to Wavemaker, we were able to host an outstanding live event that deepened our engagement with our audience and boosted sales. It was a great success!”