WPP Team WBA, Berlin Cameron & VMLY&R: No7 Beauty Company’s Unstoppable Together

No7 Unstoppable Together

WPP Team WBA, Berlin Cameron & VMLY&R: No7 Beauty Company’s Unstoppable Together

Helping women out of the SHEcession

For women, 2020 – the year that COVID-19 officially struck – wasn’t just a set-back, it was a revelation. According to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR), four times more women than men left their jobs, while women were three times more likely than men to sacrifice their career for their family.

WPP Team WBA, in partnership with Berlin Cameron and VMLY&R, spearheaded a campaign for global beauty brand No7 to highlight the magnitude and long-term economic impact of the pandemic on women – which was coined “the SHEcession”.

Unstoppable Together is a movement designed to mobilise women to re-enter the workforce by offering actionable solutions and raising awareness for a woman-led SHEcovery.

To spark open conversation, a female-produced film, capturing the feeling and magnitude of the SHEcession's impact was released, presenting facts and figures, as well as vivid visual representations of women's stories. The video is punctuated with a call-to-action for how everyone can learn more about the SHEcession, support each other in these unprecedented times and get access to resources to assist the SHEcovery.

In its efforts to aid the SHEcovery, the team also partnered with media companies The Female Quotient and Hello Sunshine, both women owned, as well as Fortune. They hosted the Nation’s largest virtual jobs summit featuring influential speakers to provide free advice and accessible educational resources to help women take back their jobs.

Free coaching sessions also formed part of the campaign, with topics including interview skills, networking in the new normal, pivoting careers, rewriting the job loss story and more.