Subvrsive: Netflix’s FYSEE 360

Chess board - Queens Gambit

Subvrsive: Netflix’s FYSEE 360

Bringing Netflix’s most iconic worlds to life in 360°

Last year, amid the pandemic, Netflix partnered with Subvrsive to reimagine their annual FYSEE event as a digital experience. The result was FYSEE 360: an immersive online experience that brings Netflix’s most iconic worlds to life in 360 degrees.

Netflix’s FYSEE 360

Upon entering FYSEE 360, users find themselves immersed in a 360-degree lobby, standing before the red Netflix logo, surrounded by ten enticing portals. Each glowing door leads to an immersive interaction with a different Netflix Original, and once chosen, instantly transports users to a memorable scene from that show.

Users can descend the carpeted red steps of Buckingham Palace in The Crown, stop by the Harding’s backyard from Dead to Me, or stand behind the chess board from The Queen’s Gambit. They can also interact with hotspots throughout their journey, exploring behind-the-scenes videos, interviews with cast and crew members, and more.