AKQA, Ogilvy and WPP Open X: Coca-Cola’s Coke Move

Rosalía with Coke move can

AKQA, Ogilvy and WPP Open X: Coca-Cola’s Coke Move

Bringing to life the transformational power of music

As Gen Z redefine and reshape the world around them, from culture to their own identities, established brands must keep up and evolve alongside them.

This is particularly true for a brand with more than 100 years of history like Coca-Cola, as it seeks to reconnect with an audience that’s thirsty for change. That's why Coca-Cola decided to launch a new product specifically aimed at Gen Z with the help of Grammy-award winning artist Rosalía.

Celebrating the transformative power of music, Coca-Cola’s Move campaign – and partnership with Rosalía – goes beyond a simple endorsement or collaboration; it's a genuine co-creation built around a new Coke flavour and a new Rosalía song, LLYLM.

The partnership generated a true connection between the artist's fans and the brand. From branding to a music video, everything was co-created with Rosalía, resulting in an authentic and engaging experience for both the artist's and the brand's audiences.

Coca-Cola Move cans and bottles include a scannable QR code that serves as a portal to the Coca-Cola Creations Hub featuring a host of cinematic experiences: behind-the-scenes content of Rosalía recording her new single; a personality quiz that creates custom 3D, metaverse-inspired avatars and playlists based on fan responses; and a music video celebrating all versions of the artist by incorporating live action photography and animation sequences.

Coca-Cola’s Move is part of a global innovation platform called “Coca-Cola Creations”. Each “Coke Creation” has its own unique, intangible flavour that brings the real magic of Coca-Cola to life through product innovation and new experiences.