DAVID: Burger King’s Burger Glitch

Glitched image of a Burger King meal

DAVID: Burger King’s Burger Glitch

Turning technical glitches into something good

Gamers hate glitches. But what happens if you embrace glitches and turn them into something good? That's what Burger King and DAVID did with Burger Glitch.

To appeal to gamers, Burger King placed glitches in its own app, inviting users to find them, with a reward for doing so. The promise of rewards for finding hidden glitches not only compelled people to download the chain’s mobile app, but also to explore and familiarise themselves with its loyalty features. The coupons gamified the rewards experience, pushing the user to make a purchase and potentially encourage future app use.

Every face of Burger King’s social channels was altered with Burger Glitch communications, interactions and buggy elements. Self-service kiosks in all Burger King stores were also “glitched” as well as OOH displays in several Brazilian cities.

To tie the real world to the virtual one, Burger King produced “glitched” versions of its own sandwiches, for example with too many patties or extra ingredients. These “glitched” menu items were passed around in stores and delivered to major Brazilian game streamers.

“We wanted to approach gamers the Burger King way. Celebrating the imperfections of the world, laughing at mistakes, embracing the uproar,” said Rogério Chaves, DAVID’s Creative Director.