Two people standing in a tunnel a metre apart looking at the camera

Surboum is a platform for companies, organisations and creatives dedicated to transforming the Belgian creative scene.

Brussels, the home of Belgium’s WPP Campus, is the second most diverse city in the world. However, this isn’t represented in the creative scene. There is a clear underrepresentation of creatives of colour in schools, museums, creative prizes and within our own agencies.

Surboum's aim is to build a platform where educational institutions, creative organisations, WPP agencies and clients can combine strengths to make the creative scene more diverse and inclusive. WPP’s partner to create the platform a real success is Please Add Colour (PAC). PAC is an organisation that supports and guides young creatives of colour within the first steps of their career.  

Surboum will map out the major challenges of companies and organisations who are aware of the underrepresentation, but lack knowhow, resources and network to do better. WPP offers support by engaging them in a long-term commitment and immediate collaboration with the creatives of PAC.

Why the name Surboum? We are honouring the first ever Congolese record label that was established in Belgium.