Crias Project

In Brazil, "gambiarra" – despite its often-negative connotations – is a term that is also used to describe qualities such as resourcefulness, creativity and improvisation. It's used to refer to solutions people come up with when they don't have all the ideal funds, tools or resources, and it's seen as a way for people, particularly those in marginalised communities, to find their own solutions and turn a negative into a positive.

The Crias project was created to bridge the gap between the innovative solutions developed in these communities, often by Black individuals in favelas, and the advertising industry. It is a partnership between Ogilvy, DAVID, and GR6 which sets out to hire talented Black creatives from favelas to work on client projects. These creatives bring unique perspectives, languages, techniques and styles to the advertising industry to ensure client work is culturally relevant and inclusive. It's a way to introduce fresh ideas and unconventional approaches into client work while also providing opportunities for groups that have been previously underestimated in the industry.