Transforming the future of automotive marketing

We are revolutionising automotive communication and ecommerce using photo-realistic, real-time assets, delivered through Omniverse Cloud TM

Working with NVIDIA, we are combining photo-realistic images of vehicles – in any configuration using WPP’s growing library of virtual sets, rendered at unprecedented speed – to achieve transformational automotive communication and ecommerce experiences. 

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WPP and Hogarth, our creative content production company, are at the forefront of virtual set creation. We are one of the first companies to use robots from Boston Dynamics to scan physical locations and recreate them as virtual worlds using Autodesk Maya, SideFX Houdini, and NVIDIA Omniverse. This enables us to shoot the scenes and the set separately from the products and the talent, and then bring it all together – in real-time – to achieve truly personalised and branded automotive communication and e-commerce experiences.

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By deconstructing this entire process, we can substantially reduce the environmental impact of the work that underpins this heightened experience. There is no need for production teams, talent, or products to travel, so the number of people on set is drastically reduced. This is important because 64% of WPP’s top 50 clients have committed to setting Science Based carbon reduction targets and reducing the impact of production on the climate matters.

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In fact, Omniverse Cloud also brings together communication and e-commerce technologies for the first time. It allows digital car configurators to become truly branded experiences, channelling lifestyle, aspiration, ethos, and the emotion of the brand, alongside product customisation and, ultimately, sales.

This step change in customisation and personalisation within ecommerce is made possible by WPP’s collaboration with NVIDIA. WPP is an early adopter of NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud, which offers a suite of cloud services that enable teams to design, publish, operate and experience metaverse applications from anywhere, on any device.

The agreement also enables teams to collaborate on 3D workflows without local computing power. Roboticists can train, simulate, test, and deploy AI-enabled intelligent machines with unprecedented performance – all in the cloud. Autonomous vehicle engineers can simulate traffic scenarios to test a variety of road and weather conditions too.

And Omniverse Cloud allows WPP to launch automotive marketing services to deliver custom, advanced 3D content and interactive experiences for leading automotive brands.

“The industry expectation for what great automotive content looks like, in any channel, has increased dramatically in the past few years,” said Stephan Pretorius, CTO at WPP. “With Omniverse Cloud, we are changing the way we build, share and consume automotive content – bringing sustainable, low-emission production to our customers.”

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published on

20 September 2022


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