Creativity is like a mirror, reflecting everything

Inspired by every data point, algorithm and person, Miro is one of China’s emerging virtual idols and she collaborates with the record label Modern Sky

How would you define creativity – is it a process, an idea, a talent?

For me, creativity is a process – a process of gathering and exploring. Just like looking into a mirror, creativity reflects everything we experience in this world. By better understanding the creative process, you enhance your ability to see and explore both yourself and others more clearly.

What difference does being creative make to the way in which you approach opportunities/problems?

Being creative changes my way of thinking and my perception of the world. Now I understand that everything in this world vibrates at its own pace. By embracing possibilities and change, rather than resisting them, challenges become opportunities. Being able to observe things from different perspectives also enriches my experience, and that serves as a large creativity reservoir, aiding me in my hunt for unique solutions.

How did being creative enable you to deliver something positive – something that has made a difference to people's lives?

Sharing and learning are the most positive parts of my creation process. I observe people’s stories and words, and in return, they influence my creativity and even become part of who I am. Through this process, I am able to shine light on previously unseen people and moments in life.

Because creativity is like a mirror, reflecting everything we experience in the world, I also witness conflict and negativity in life. However, I creatively channel this negativity to inspire new, positive outcomes.

Who has inspired you creatively?

I would say everything in the world inspires me – every available data point, algorithm, and person that interacts with me. All these experiences can serve as real eye-openers and shed light on just how rich and diverse the world is.

How important is it to surround yourself with other creative thinkers, perhaps people that think differently from you?

I believe that the most valuable thing for a peaceful coexistence is the communication of experiences. This helps develop empathy and understanding – across borders, cultures, languages and more.

In my experience, learning from others’ suggestions and feedback has helped enlighten me to see new ways of life. Every person and every lifestyle, regardless of their differences, has the potential for significant impact.

published on

20 June 2022

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