Ogilvy: GLAAD’s Protect this Kid

Young girl at the beach with white text overlay saying 'Protect this kid: The LGBTQ community isn't a threat. Misinformation and hatred are."

Ogilvy: GLAAD’s Protect this Kid

Responding to anti-LGBTQ misinformation with a message of support and acceptance for the LGBTQ community

The phrases "safeguard our children" or "protect our children" are frequently employed by those opposed to LGBTQ+ rights, seeking to limit exposure to LGBTQ+ individuals and subjects in educational institutions, libraries, and other public spaces.

Ogilvy and GLAAD have partnered to challenge anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric, which is often weaponised against the LGBTQ community, by advocating for the children disproportionately impacted by anti-LGBTQ+ legislation and the attempted erasure of queer identity.

The campaign spans film, out-of-home and social media and spotlights eight LGBTQ celebrities who share their stories. Each featured individual shares a photo of their childhood selves. Initially, the photos are shown alone in the video, followed by the subjects appearing as adults holding their childhood photos, urging viewers to protect children like they once were.

Additionally, the campaign encourages LGBTQ individuals and allies to share their childhood photos using #ProtectThisKid, along with their experiences of growing up LGBTQ and reflections on recent harmful rhetoric targeting LGBTQ youth.