WPP Open X: The Coca-Cola Company’s Every Coca-Cola Is Welcome

A collage of colourful hand painted murals of the Coca-cola logo

WPP Open X: The Coca-Cola Company’s Every Coca-Cola Is Welcome

Embracing local culture and creativity

For years, shopkeepers and artists all over the world have been re-imagining the Coca-Cola logo through their own expressions and unique interpretations. These meaningful and impactful logos have acted as signs for local businesses, capturing colours of cultures and personalities of communities. Instead of correcting, Coca-Cola wanted to embrace these expressions, showcasing the creativity, diversity, and entrepreneurial spirit behind each inspired artwork. The campaign was created by WPP Open X, led by VML with the support of EssenceMediacom and Ogilvy PR.

The campaign launched with prominent out-of-home and print placements across Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Australia and the United States, including a placement in New York's Times Square. These unique logo expressions were also incorporated into various physical brand touchpoints, showcasing the rich tapestry of interpretations that made the Coca-Cola logo a universal symbol of refreshment and creativity.

A robust content series accompanied the campaign's launch, featuring films and interviews that captured the stories of local store owners and their unique interpretations of the Coca-Cola logo. These stories were shared on YouTube and Instagram, bringing the campaign to a wide online audience. The 'Every Coca-Cola is Welcome' campaign materials were also featured as Coca-Cola’s Instagram profile.

By highlighting these local artistic contributions, Coca-Cola reaffirmed its commitment to celebrating cultural diversity and creativity. The campaign honoured the brand's rich heritage while showcasing its deep connection with communities worldwide.