VML COMMERCE: Mondelēz’s OREOCodes

A stack of Oreos on their side being rolled to create a barcode, with a single flat Oreo next to them

VML COMMERCE: Mondelēz’s OREOCodes

Turning cookies into an innovative commerce experience

OREO Cookies have delighted consumers for over a century. Despite the product’s widespread recognition as “Milk's Favorite Cookie”, Mondelēz identified an untapped market – households purchasing milk but not OREO Cookies. Teaming up with VML, Mondelēz launched the OREOCodes campaign, aiming to bridge this gap through creative innovation.

To engage consumers and encourage them to incorporate OREO into their shopping routines, VML created a commerce experience using the iconic appearance of OREO cookies that looked similar to barcodes. By flipping the barcode on any milk packaging and scanning it, consumers could unlock exclusive offers from OREO. VML meticulously curated data from retail partners to ensure that only genuine milk purchases triggered OREO promotions, driving remarkable success.

Social engagement surged by 230%, sparking discussions and amplifying OREO's online presence. An impressive redemption rate of 83% demonstrated OREOCodes' effectiveness in incentivising consumer behaviour and fostering brand loyalty. Sales also increased by 7.3%, exceeding previous benchmarks and reinforcing OREO's position as a beloved choice for consumers.