Fbiz: The Important Stuff em parceria com o UNICEF e o Instituto Alana

Mosaic of children's faces

Fbiz: UNICEF and Alana’s The Important Stuff

Helping children advocate for change at COP28

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Climate change will inherently impact future generations. Yet the children of today – who are already experiencing the brunt of these effects around the world – lack representation in climate negotiations and policy development. To address this, WPP’s Fbiz worked with UNICEF and Alana to provide a platform for children to articulate how the climate emergency has directly affected their lives at COP28 summit in Dubai.

The heart of the campaign lay in capturing genuine, unscripted testimonies from children across diverse regions. Fbiz ensured that the films were not just scripted narratives but rather authentic reflections of children's concerns, experiences and perspectives, weaving together stories from different regions into a cohesive and impactful message that resonated globally while respecting the unique voices of each child.

The campaign video was strategically placed at influential spaces within COP28, ensuring maximum visibility with decision-makers.

Throughout the course of the summit, the videos became a powerful tool that influenced conversations, inspired action and helped to reshape climate negotiations. In fact, the campaign helped to make a notable impact on the conference's principal document, the Global Stocktake, which resulted in including language that underscored the need for "an expert dialogue on children and climate change".