VMLY&R: Vivo and Motorola’s Buscapé

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VMLY&R: Vivo and Motorola’s Buscapé

Collaborating to create content that pays tribute to great landmarks of Brazilian culture

Brazilian mobile provider Vivo partnered with Motorola to create a sequel to the Oscar-nominated Brazilian film, City of God, in collaboration with the original filmmakers.

The project was created by VMLY&R Brazil to launch the new Motorola Edge 30 Ultra together with Vivo's 5G connection. It brings back Alexandre Rodrigues and Edson Oliveira, actors from the original film, in a new story that reunites their characters two decades later.

In the spin-off, Buscapé (Rodrigues) returns to the City of God, now as a professional photojournalist, to cover a special event within the community. Reunited with his old friend, he stumbles upon a discovery that will start an investigation into animal trafficking, which he covers using Vivo's 5G connection and the new Edge. The film then takes a dark turn (in gripping scenes reminiscent of the original movie) but ends on a note of hope for the future of the City of God. The final material also includes footage of some scenes shot with the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra phone featured in the film.

The movie's original Director, Fernando Meirelles, served as Executive Producer on the 14-minute short, while Fred Luz of O2 Filmes served as Director. The movie's original Cinematographer, César Charlone, also participated in the production, visiting locations with Luz. Many of the original crew were also involved.

"This project rescues a tradition of the Vivo brand of creating content that pays tribute to great landmarks of Brazilian culture," said Rafael Pitanguy, VMLY&R Brazil Chief Creative Officer and Deputy Global Chief Creative Officer of the VMLY&R network. "Now, 20 years after the release of the greatest Brazilian film of all time, the union of Vivo and Motorola enables the reunion of the main characters involved in the original film. A historical celebration, for a historical film."

"Smartphones are now an essential part of consumers' lives," said Andrea Brandi, Head of Branding at Motorola. "With technology, content creation becomes more and more viable. That is why we put the smartphone into action. Without having a professional camera, the Buscapé character uses his cell phone for journalistic investigation, with all the resources in the palm of his hand to generate quality content."

The short film can be watched at vivo.com.br/buscape or on Vivo's channel on YouTube. It was also promoted via outdoor media in the country's main capitals, trailers in movie theatres, and online media with several content providers highlighting the features of the new smartphone used by the story's protagonist.