Design Bridge and Partners: Aston Martin’s Intensity.Driven.

Green Aston Martin Valkyirie car on a green background with glowing green and pulsating visualisations in the background

Design Bridge and Partners: Aston Martin’s Intensity.Driven.

Combining data and human emotion for ultra-luxury automotive distinction

Aston Martin’s Intensity.Driven. campaign captures both the emotional connection with, and the technological innovation of, their cars, setting them apart in the ultra-luxury automotive market. The objective of the campaign was to authentically communicate the performance of Aston Martin vehicles and evoke the human response to driving them, allowing viewers to fully experience the power and intensity of these extraordinary machines.

To achieve this, Design Bridge and Partners used EEG/PPG devices and Tobii Pro Glasses to collect heart, brain and pupil data from a driver of the Aston Martin Valkyrie. Speed and decibel data were also captured, providing a comprehensive set of performance and physiological data.

The biometric data provided an authentic view of the experience of driving an Aston Martin, which Design Bridge and Partners then transformed into visualisations that illustrated the intensity of being at the wheel of the vehicle. Each visual was the result of a generative art process, featuring particle textures for a futuristic aesthetic that aligns with Aston Martin's innovative brand.

Animated sequences depict the hyper car's speed and engine sound, as well as the effects on the human brain, pupil and heart activity. The driver’s heartbeat at peak speeds became the heartbeat of the brand itself, reflected in a pulsing end-frame animation at 120bpm. Model-specific animations also pulsate at this rhythm, reflecting the unique characteristics of each vehicle.

The campaign's impact was significant, with a custom brand study conducted by Aston Martin in November 2022 revealing positive results. Aston Martin showed increased meaningfulness and desirability across all markets, with improved knowledge among consumers who indicated they were aware of the brand. The brand's image associations were aligned with the new brand direction, emphasising excitement, performance and a winning mindset.