SJR: Spotify’s For the Record

Spotify Wrapped 2022 in logo in bright yellow and orange on a bright purple background

SJR: Spotify’s For the Record

Harnessing hypervisual storytelling to amplify Spotify Wrapped

Wrapped is Spotify's highly anticipated annual campaign that celebrates users' unique music preferences and reflects their personalities. As the centrepiece of Spotify's financial success, it drives significant increases in both users and subscribers. In 2021, SJR created a dedicated landing page on Spotify's digital newsroom, For the Record, for all Wrapped-related content, which surpassed previous years' performance.

Building on this success, SJR seized the opportunity to incorporate hypervisual storytelling into Wrapped 2022. Collaborating with Spotify's design team, SJR created interactive designs and integrated them into the landing page layout. The aim was to offer an engaging and dynamic destination where audiences could find all the Wrapped information they needed, while providing an exciting way to interact with the content that reflected the fun, dynamic and data-driven nature of the Wrapped campaign.

The impact of Spotify’s revamped landing page and storytelling strategy for Wrapped was remarkable. The Wrapped landing page has garnered over 463,000 pageviews to date, proving its value as a traffic driver and media destination. Almost all Wrapped content in 2022 exceeded the performance of the previous year, amassing a total of over 1.5m pageviews.

The campaign was also recognised across the industry, winning both The Webby Award and The Webby People's Voice Award in the Advertising, Media & PR – Best Branded Editorial Experience category for 2022. With nearly 14,000 entries from over 70 countries, this recognition speaks volumes about the campaign's creativity and impact.