LDV United: Jumbo’s Brick from a Legend

A brick from the La Rocca nightclub on a pedestal downlit in a beautiful glow on a dark backgrounf

LDV United: Jumbo’s Brick from a Legend

Transforming brand detraction into advocacy – one brick at a time

Jumbo supermarkets faced a major challenge when opening a new store in Lier, Belgium, as it was on the site of the iconic 90s nightclub La Rocca. The closure of La Rocca caused resentment among the local community, who associated the new supermarket with the loss of their beloved club. To overcome this hostility, LDV United worked with Jumbo to devise a creative solution.

Jumbo collected old bricks from the demolished La Rocca façade and turned them into relics. These bricks were signed by over 25 renowned DJs, including Armand Van Helden and Tiësto, who were part of La Rocca's history. Each brick was placed on a steel pedestal and assigned a unique series number. To engage the (ex-)clubbers and La Rocca fans, Jumbo launched a campaign called "Get Your Part of the Legend." Participants were invited to share their best La Rocca memories on a dedicated website for a chance to win one of the legendary bricks.

Through strategic initiatives, Jumbo connected with the target audience and transformed their negative perception of the brand. A billboard was placed at the exact location of the former club, a newspaper ad paid homage to La Rocca, and social videos targeted La Rocca fans.

Billboard outside the building site on the former place where the La Rocca nightclub stood

The campaign garnered extensive media coverage in national and local newspapers, TV stations, and radio channels. Within 72 hours, all the bricks were claimed, leading to an impressive return on investment, with a total campaign ROI of x20 compared to the average supermarket opening campaign. DJ influencers helped achieve an organic reach of over 28m, and online sentiment shifted from 85% negative to 95% positive. Jumbo overcame initial hostility and poor sentiment surrounding its new store opening by leveraging the nostalgia and emotional attachment to La Rocca, building a community around the former site of the iconic club.