Ogilvy: Dove’s Toxic Influence

Mother and daughter watching screen, with daughter looking shocked

Ogilvy: Dove’s Toxic Influence

Taking action to make social media a more positive place

You wouldn’t give your daughter toxic beauty advice, but she could be hearing it online every single day.

New research from the Dove Self-Esteem Project shows that half of girls say toxic beauty advice causes low self-esteem. And social media is filled with content that upholds and promotes this type of harmful advice.

To combat this issue, Ogilvy worked with Dove to create the Toxic Influence campaign, which inspires and empowers young people to turn their social media feeds into a positive space.

The campaign film features various mother-daughter duos engaging in conversations around the beauty advice that is prevalent on apps such as Instagram. The film highlights dangerous topics like ‘fitspo,’ ‘thinspo’ and the promotion of elective cosmetic procedures to young girls.

The campaign encourages and promotes necessary conversations between parents, caregivers and teens about the potential dangers of toxic beauty advice on social media.