Design Bridge: CapitaSpring

Exterior of CapitaSpring

Design Bridge: CapitaSpring

Creating an oasis in the city

Singapore has welcomed a new icon to its famous skyline. CapitaSpring: a building where you can work, live and play in a vertically connected environment; a city within a city.

As CapitaSpring is located on the most valuable land in Singapore's Central Business District, Design Bridge was briefed to create an identity worthy of its potential status, one that would also recognise its purpose to fill the city with buildings that enrich the lives of the people who live and work there.

Designed with social and activity spaces spread out over four storeys of lush vegetation, the building offers reconnection with nature in the middle of the city.

CapitaSpring logo on side of building

Design Bridge wanted the building to be an oasis within the city, that looks as though it had grown out of the central core of Singapore. The façade’s unusual curves rising up reveal little pockets of lush greenery throughout, with bushy trees creating a dramatic contrast against the contemporary grey metal.

The name CapitaSpring was the result of several workshops with the CapitaLand team. And the tagline not only correlates with the tree-like structure of the building that seems to emerge into the skyline, but it also captures the ambition of the entire project.

The agency then appointed architectural photographer Finbarr Fallon to capture the beauty of the building in a series of images that sit alongside its identity, helping to tell the development's story and show off the striking design.

Inside CapitaSpring showing greenery and paths