Lunar New Year 2022

Animated tigers and coca cola bottle

Lunar New Year 2022

Celebrating the Year of the Tiger


As 2022, the Year of the Tiger, approaches more than a billion people worldwide will be celebrating the Lunar New Year.

After a difficult period, the Year of the Tiger is set to bring about big changes. It will be a year of risk-taking and adventure that raises new energy after a steady Year of the Ox.

In conjunction with the auspicious festivities and the hopes of coming back stronger, the easing of COVID-19 restrictions mean a greater emphasis on reuniting families who can toast the promise of good health and prosperity together.

Like Singles Day, the Lunar New Year has become an essential event in brands’ calendars around the world. This year, brands are finding ways to strike an emotional chord with consumers by centring campaigns around the themes of togetherness and intergenerational celebrations. Here is a round-up of some of WPP’s work to mark the festival:

Ogilvy: Coca-Cola

Lunar New year is all about love and connection so for its 2022 campaign, Coca-Cola partnered with Ogilvy Shanghai to celebrate the real magic of togetherness by bringing families together like never before.

During the pandemic rapidly changing social norms accentuated differences in lifestyle and widened the generational gap. Multi-generational families at times lack common ground to make meaningful connections. This Year of the Tiger, Coca-Cola’s integrated Real Magic Lunar New Year campaign aims to bridge this gap by being that common ground.

To further express its platform of intergenerational togetherness, Coca-Cola and Ogilvy also launched an immersive mobile game, a limited-edition line of collectible cans featuring different members of the tiger clan, animated 3D billboards and Year of the Tiger NFTs awarded to participants through a number of contests.

Grey: Ministry of Communications and Information

Grey joined forces with Singapore’s Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) to highlight how Singaporeans have adapted to the uncertainties and challenges arising from COVID-19.

The video takes us through the conundrum faced by many families planning Lunar New Year visits during the pandemic. With visitation limited, most families must navigate ‘social landmines’ when prioritising who to invite to their celebrations.

By showing viewers the perspective of a family planning their Lunar New Year visitor list, the story displays the resilience of families and how these changing times help us to focus on the things that truly matter.

Superunion: Lucky Cat

To welcome the Year of the Tiger, Superunion created an online ‘tiger machine’ (inspired by the Chinese name for a slot machine) that generates a unique ‘lucky cat’ design for each player.

When the tiger’s paw (lever) is pulled, the tiger machine randomises a design – head, body, and plaque – each coming from a different original artwork, to make a unique combination of colours and patterns. Custom tools allow the players to art direct their own background, creating a personalised festive greeting to download and share with friends and family.

You can play the game here

Lucky cat designs

Landor & Fitch: Discover your Lucky Charm

The Landor & Fitch team created an online fortune-telling game to help ring in the Year of the Tiger. The game randomly selects your lucky charm for the year ahead, reveals what the charm means and shares advice on how best to tackle the upcoming year.

Ogilvy: Year of the Tiger 2022

Ogilvy executives appear in a poetic new year's film encouraging the agency’s staff to carry the powerful energy of the tiger into the new year.

The CEO of Ogilvy Asia and Greater China, Chris Reitermann, stars in the film wearing period costume and make up encouraging staff to ‘be a hero’ during the Year of the Tiger.