Wavemaker: NIVEA MEN’s Ultra Skill

Still from game with Nivea Men logo

Wavemaker: NIVEA MEN’s Ultra Skill

How NIVEA MEN created a new communication format and became a brand for gamers

In order to grow relevance among Gen Z, NIVEA MEN needed to show that it understands this sought-after audience’s lifestyle and passions. 

NIVEA MEN and Wavemaker Russia worked from the insight that gaming was the ideal medium through which to reach their desired audience.  

It was discovered that the term ‘Ultra’ – used in NIVEA MEN’s Ultra range – also refers to a famous call-out ‘Ultra Kill’ from the well-known Dota multi-player battle franchise. This was the inspiration to create a NIVEA MEN's-branded format to reward gamers based on the system of supporting streamers via viewers' donations which is widespread on Twitch. 

NIVEA MEN launched Ultra Skill, a symbol of gaming excellence to be bestowed on streamers, rewarding them with Ultra Skill donations. In collaboration with DonationAlerts, they created a branded visual and sonic identity. To be eligible for a donation, all the Twitch streamers had to do was install the DonationAlert app.  

The team followed the streams of multiple gaming heroes on Twitch and sent branded donations from the @niveamenultraskill account each time they demonstrated exceptional skill.

Streamers were delighted when they received Ultra Skill awards and large donations after pivotal moments in the game. They began to use the term Ultra Skill in their broadcasts as a symbol of great performance.  

The campaign caught gamers’ attention and drove both engagement and social buzz. Ultra Skill has become a symbol of impressive gaming skills – and NIVEA MEN has become a brand for gamers.