VMLY&R: Super Wendy’s World

Wendy's character in different games

VMLY&R: Super Wendy’s World

How Wendy’s and VMLY&R established brand presence in virtual worlds

Wendy’s sought a way to tell the story of its ‘fresh, never frozen’ beef to a growing generation of consumers in the gaming industry, which is bigger than the music and movie industries combined.

Of course, gamers don’t just welcome anyone. As a group constantly overstimulated with messaging, gamers have naturally become sceptical of brands infringing upon their space.

Image showing Wendy in game

So, rather than behaving like a brand with targeted ads and paid sponsorships, the VMLY&R team assumed the role of a player themselves and transformed their brand message into interactive video game-play

Each week on Twitch, Wendy came to life in some of the most popular video games, then played each game with an 'anti-frozen' twist. VMLY&R played with gamers, created custom content for gamers and even inspired gamers to play as Wendy themselves – all in the name of getting the message out: Wendy’s beef is fresh, never frozen.

Wendy’s became one of the top 1% of all streamers on Twitch, gaining 988,000 downloads of their custom-branded in-game content.