VMLY&R: Monash University A Future Without Change

Black version of Future-without-change

VMLY&R: Monash University's A Future Without Change

A multi-sensory campaign designed to inspire the next generation to change the world

Every year high school students are bombarded by university recruitment campaigns. So, while other universities showed students a perfect future, Monash University stood out by showing one plagued by problems.

VMLY&R created A Future Without Change, giving students a glimpse into what our world could become if we merely adapt to the issues we face instead of changing them.

With the help of each faculty, the team created 17 products that shouldn’t exist. These were brought to life through a multi-sensory campaign that the public could touch, hold, smell, taste and interact with.

By showing a future that shouldn’t exist, the integrated campaign – supported by digital OOH, online films, social posts and ongoing VR experiences – helped recruit and inspire the next generation to change it.

Over 12,000 people engaged across two activations, with 24.6% of student visitors registering to a faculty, making Monash the No.1 Preference University in the country.