Grey & MediaCom: Always' Rabbi-Bot


Grey & MediaCom: P&G & Always' Rabbi Bot

A demonstration of the power of AI to drive positive societal change

Nearly a fifth of Israeli women belong to the Orthodox sector and Jewish family purity laws mean these women aren’t allowed to have any contact with their husbands for seven days after menstruation.

Once menstruation ceases, women need to count seven “clean-days” and take a “ritual bath” before they can have sexual intercourse again. The “green light” is given by a rabbi during an uncomfortable in-person, monthly consultation.

Grey and MediaCom combined forces to launch Rabbi-Bot by Always, a customised app that uses the power of AI to help women determine whether they have the “green light” – directly and conveniently from their smartphone. Rabbi-Bot was effectively able to replace the distressing process of consulting with a rabbi on intimate affairs.