Ogilvy: Eyes Japan and Uber Eats Smart Spokes

WPP 1118 Ogilvy Smart Spokes

Ogilvy: Eyes Japan and Uber Eats Smart Spokes

Gyrokinetic LED systems transform wheels into digital screens

Teaming up with technology startup Eyes Japan, Ogilvy Tokyo launched a road safety campaign using Uber Eats delivery bicycles as the main media. With the goal to raise the brand’s profile in an innovative way, it encouraged more consideration of cyclists and their safety at the same time. 

By equipping Uber Eats bikes with a Gyrokinetic LED system, each wheel was transformed into a digital screen that comes to life once the bicycle is in movement.

Three different safety messages are now glowing on the streets of Tokyo: “SEE ME”, “GIVE ME SPACE”, and “CARE FOR ME”.

With limited resources and a smart use of digital technology, the Uber Eats Smart Spokes campaign will be seen all over Tokyo, helping to make roads a bit safer with the delivery of each meal.

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