DAVID The Agency: This Coke is a Fanta

This Coke is a Fanta

DAVID The Agency: This Coke is a Fanta

Cannes Lions 2018 gold-winning campaign aims to subvert discrimination

In support of international LGBT+ pride day, Coca-Cola launched a limited-edition can.

A red Coke can with orange Fanta inside, featuring the message: This Coke is a Fanta. So what?

The world is full of homophobic slurs, and in Brazil, one of the most famous expressions is “Essa Coca é Fanta” or “That Coke is a Fanta”. For years, this expression was used to make fun of the LGBT+ community in the country. This special can ignores labels, challenges prejudice and empowers people. Showing that there’s nothing wrong about a Coke being a Fanta, the iconic cans carrying this simple message were intentionally designed to become a statement for the fight against prejudice.

DAVID the Agency’s inclusive work for Coca-Cola won an impressive seven Lions at Cannes Lions 2018, including golds in both the PR and Media categories.

The campaign flooded people’s social media timelines, took over the streets with people making their own DIY Coca/Fanta bottles, carnival costumes, clothes, and cellphone covers to transform this expression into a symbol for Coke and Brazilians to fight prejudice.

Engaging and entirely organic, the campaign delivered 1 billion media impressions with US $0 media spend and changed the biggest search on Google history for the term, turning it into an expression of empowerment and pride.

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