Trends for 2024

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WPP on 2024

10 marketing trends to watch out for

Explore the future landscape of marketing and communications through the eyes of WPP leaders worldwide. In the videos below, experts across a range of specialisms and markets share insights on emerging trends, from the scaling of AI to unconventional collaborations, the power of audio in brand storytelling, the rapid digitisation of the sports fan experience, and more. Gain a deeper understanding of these new trends that will influence how brands connect with consumers and drive business growth in 2024.

Daniel Hulme

06 Dec 2023


The scaling of AI

WPP’s Daniel Hulme explains how the scaling of AI will empower brands to reach new heights in a safe and secure way

Bukky Moemeke

06 Dec 2023


The digitisation of the sports fan experience will gather pace

Wavemaker’s Bukky Moemeke outlines new ways brands can reach younger fans online

Saulo Rocha

06 Dec 2023


Gen AI era will prompt brands to rise above a sea of sameness

Saulo Rocha of DAVID Madrid on the rising importance for brands to invest in a creative vision that fosters a unique and human connection with their audience

Luiza Baffa

06 Dec 2023


Brands will experiment with new ways to entertain

Luiza Baffa from AKQA talks about the transition from using artists as influencers to co-creating with them to entertain like never before

Michele Arnese

06 Dec 2023


Sound will no longer be an afterthought

amp's Michele Arnese highlights why sound is gaining significant momentum in the brand world

Carol Watson

06 Dec 2023


Brands will use AI to engage a polycultural audience

BCW’s Carol Watson shares the three key AI bias interrupters to ensure inclusion

Katie Rigg Smith

06 Dec 2023


The rise of unconventional collaborations

The partnerships that exhibit real bravery to get across the line will pay off, explains WPP’s Katie Rigg-Smith

Audrey Kuah

06 Dec 2023


Zero-party data will shape a privacy-first marketing future

VML’s Audrey Kuah on how to use zero-party data to build greater trust with, and better experiences for, customers

Allison Spray

06 Dec 2023


Generative AI: mitigating risk to unlock opportunity

H+K’s Allison Spray on managing the commercial and reputational risks that the proliferation of generative AI will present

Vickie Segar

06 Dec 2023


Influencer marketing will meet SEO on TikTok

Village Marketing CEO Vickie Segar reveals the hottest new trends in iCommerce