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06 Jan 2021


How governments should tackle mobility

Alain Berger, Executive Strategy Director, Hill+Knowlton Strategies, Brussels in conversation with Laure Van Hauwaert, Managing Director, EU Institutions, Government and Public Sector Practice, WPP, Brussels


06 Jan 2021


Ad break: Gillette's The Barbershop Girls of India

Sandipan Bhattacharyya, Managing Director & Chief Creative Officer, Grey, Mumbai

The Great Shift publication

15 Dec 2020

The Great Shift: how COVID-19 has shifted the marketing landscape

Marketing is a critical element of success for four key sectors: auto, telecommunications, consumer packaged goods (CPG) and financial services. GroupM’s The Great Shift looks at how each has experienced a ‘shift’ due to COVID-19


29 Jun 2020

The future of mobility: opportunities for brands

Creating a valuable in-vehicle consumer experience


16 Jun 2020

The future of mobility: media consumption

Self-driving vehicles as a new consumer space


22 Apr 2020

Business creativity in a time of crisis

Imaginatively repurposing, retooling, redeploying and redesigning to help ease the impact of the pandemic

In conversation: Rose Herceg and Ranjana Singh

06 Mar 2020

In conversation: Rose Herceg and Ranjana Singh

Changing dynamics and why we need imagination to break through industry noise

In conversation: Rose Herceg and Ranjana Singh

06 Mar 2020

Conversaciones: Rose Herceg y Ranjana Singh

Dinámicas cambiantes y por qué necesitamos imaginación para alejarnos del ruido del sector

In conversation: Rose Herceg and Ranjana Singh

06 Mar 2020

Na conversa: Rose Herceg e Ranjana Singh

Mudando a dinâmica e por que precisamos de imaginação vencermos o ruído do mercado

In conversation: Rose Herceg and Ranjana Singh

06 Mar 2020

Entretien : Rose Herceg et Ranjana Singh

Changement de dynamique et l'imagination comme recours indispensable pour se démarquer


15 Jan 2020

CES 2020: The Consumer “Experience” Show?

Technology and experiences unite at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)


04 Dec 2019

Mobility Futures

Kantar on how transportation will be defined by the world's great cities


02 Dec 2019

Ride-hailing goes global

International contenders take on Silicon Valley


26 Nov 2019

Mobility innovations driving change

The many factors reshaping the way we move

Car 5G

25 Nov 2019

The rise of the 5G road and what it means for automotive brands

Transforming the way we and our cars interact with each other

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