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BRiM - Improve Black representation in marketing

03 May 2021

Lessons from the launch of Black Representation in Marketing

Wunderman Thompson's creative lead San Sharma shares key learnings from his campaign work

VMLY&R - Clara Luo - Invisible minority

29 Mar 2021

A challenge to our industry from an invisible minority

VMLY&R’s Clara Luo writes an open letter to ignite action for the American Pacific Islander community

WPP TV - Insights from US Black History Month

26 Feb 2021

Insights from Black History Month

WPP TV explores the role of diversity in fuelling greater creativity

Spotify - The COVID vaccine in the black community

23 Feb 2021

Podcast: The social impact of the COVID vaccine

The team at Grey discuss the effect that the rollout of COVID vaccines is having on the Black community 

Shelina - Ramadan offers brands a chance

27 Jan 2021

Ramadan and practising meaningful inclusivity

Ogilvy’s Shelina Janmohamed on how brands can move away from tick-box diversity projects

Jacqui Canney - Looking for hope on MLK

18 Jan 2021

Looking for hope on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Jacqui Canney finds cause for positivity from a turbulent period in US politics

apac - unconscious bias

19 Nov 2020

Why it’s time to tackle unconscious bias

Four APAC leaders from Essence discuss the nuances of diversity in different countries and ways to combat unconscious bias


10 Nov 2020

Diversity’s last frontier

It's time agencies harnessed the creative power of the neurodivergent brain

WPP Inclusion Champions

01 Oct 2020


Inclusion champions: Jacqui Canney and Tripti Lochan

The magic of multicultural, multigenerational, multifaceted workforce

WPP Inclusion Champions

01 Oct 2020

包容性拥护者:Jacqui Canney 和 Tripti Lochan


WPP Inclusion Champions

01 Oct 2020

Abanderados de la inclusión: Jacqui Canney y Tripti Lochan

La magia de una plantilla multicultural, multigeneracional y polifacética

WPP Inclusion Champions

01 Oct 2020

Champions de l'inclusion : Jacqui Canney et Tripti Lochan

La magie d'un personnel multiculturel, multigénérationnel et multiforme

WPP Inclusion Champions

01 Oct 2020

Defensores da inclusão: Jacqui Canney e Tripti Lochan

A magia da força de trabalho multicultural, multigeracional e multifacetada

WPP Inclusion Champions

30 Sep 2020


Inclusion champions: Amy Walker and Christine Benton

The transformative power of a neurodiverse workforce

WPP Inclusion Champions

30 Sep 2020

包容性拥护者:Amy Walker 和 Christine Benton


WPP Inclusion Champions

30 Sep 2020

Abanderados de la inclusión: Amy Walker y Christine Benton

El poder transformador de una plantilla neurodiversa

WPP Inclusion Champions

30 Sep 2020

Defensores da inclusão: Amy Walker e Christine Benton

O poder transformador de uma força de trabalho neurodiversa

WPP Inclusion Champions

30 Sep 2020

Champions de l'inclusion : Amy Walker et Christine Benton

Le pouvoir transformateur d'un personnel neurodiversifié

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