Transformative industry intelligence

Buildings becoming building blocks and floating around in the sky

22 Dec 2021

Portraits of change: the new economy

How changes in customer behaviour have altered culture, the economy and the marketing and advertising industries

Electric car driving on yellow grid

21 Dec 2021

Accelerating ecommerce in the automotive industry

Developing a more customer-centric approach to buying a car

Female climber scaling gap in rocks

15 Dec 2021

Bridging the wellness gap

No longer a luxury niche of spas, yoga and detox diets, wellness is now a multi-trillion dollar global industry

Illustration of senses on green background

15 Dec 2021

Elastic identities

Explore how brands can engage with the wave of #ID culture and what might come next

Black and while illustration of activists

15 Dec 2021

Brands on the front line

We expect our favourite brands to stand on our side but – with insincerity attracting as much consumer ire as inaction – companies must react carefully to activism

Shop on pink background

15 Dec 2021

Future proof

COVID-19 changed retail forever so how have brands responded to the new business landscape?

Illustration of a man thinking on black background

15 Dec 2021

Making friends with the hermit mindset

An emerging ‘hermit mindset’ is impacting brand choices and spurring new narratives

Illustration of a globe

15 Dec 2021

Changing for good

From boosting recycling among young Londoners to helping keep police phone lines open during the pandemic Ogilvy Consulting continued to make a difference

Illustration of people walking

15 Dec 2021

The end of average

TV audiences are drifting apart, leaving us in a two-stream media world. To counter this priming must become more data-driven and tailored

Illustration of woman and circles

15 Dec 2021

Brands in motion

Mobility is on the move – from a once-narrow industry category to a pervasive platform open to all brands

Multicoloured abstract image

15 Dec 2021

The social rhizome

A more organic and anarchic social media that is more akin to lived experience would empower us all

David Rolfe, Global Head of Production, Hogarth

09 Dec 2021


Realising success through brand expression

How to navigate between the real world and the virtual to create the optimum experience

Sam Sterling, Chief Strategy Officer, AKQA

09 Dec 2021


Degradation of experience

Where the real disruption will occur

Justine Armour

09 Dec 2021


Becoming a magnet to the world’s greatest creative talent

How brands can show up differently in 2022 to become a magnet to the world’s most creative thinkers

James Morley, Head of Business Transformation, BCW

09 Dec 2021


Reimagining employee experience

The changing expectations of a global workforce

Christina Mallon, Wunderman Thompson

09 Dec 2021


The acceleration of inclusive design

Creating more inclusive and equitable products and experiences

Nadine Thomson, Global CTO, MediaCom

09 Dec 2021


No longer a numbers game

Using data to drive positive change

Andy Hood, WPP

09 Dec 2021


The metaverse explosion

Reaching new audiences in the virtual world

Future facing graphic

09 Dec 2021

Accelerated change in 2022

WPP’s predictions for the year ahead

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