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Aerial view of rice terrace / field

Climate change and biodiversity

We must think creatively – both collectively and individually – if we are to tackle climate risk and nature loss

Enter the metaverse

Conceptual Illustration of NFTs

10 Mar 2022

Beyond the hype: six practical NFT use cases

Gorilla Group outlines ways brands can incorporate Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) into their consumer offerings

abstract neon light door and staircase

19 Jan 2022

How brands can shape the metaverse to their advantage

Ogilvy reveals how brands are experimenting to reach new generations of consumers

Andy Hood, WPP

09 Dec 2021


The metaverse explosion

WPP explores how brands can reach new audiences in the virtual world

Unlocking data's potential

Abstract data representation

19 May 2022

Data ethics: operating to a higher standard

m/SIX reveals how they drive commercial, as well as audience growth, and do so to the highest ethical data standards

Digital picture of system of pipes converging in a place from different directions

18 May 2022

Data – decision critical, not just a record

WPP's Di Mayze outlines why data will be considered a decision-maker – not just a record of what has happened

Abstract Data globe

17 May 2022

A sustainable future starts with data

WPP on why we should all take a long hard look at data creation and storage – it all consumes energy

Organised Chaos Light Trails on black background

26 Jan 2022

The ingredients of a future-resilient, holistic data strategy

Essence outlines the foundational pillars of a data strategy that will help marketers thrive

Featured work

Woman having band aid put on after injection

30 Mar 2022

MediaCom: Walgreen’s Vaccine Readiness Model

Helping to vaccinate the United States against COVID-19

Image of ice cap melting

30 Mar 2022

Grey: Volvo’s Ultimate Safety Test

Placing sustainability at the heart of Volvo’s brand

Genesis Curry Flow NFT

30 Mar 2022

Berlin Cameron: Under Armour's Genesis Curry Flow

The metaverse is real – just ask Under Armour

Gamers with lightening bolt between them

30 Mar 2022

Superunion and Hogarth: Riot Games Annie-versary

Celebrating the 10th 'Annie-versary' of League of Legends China

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