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Text "CES" overlaid on a background of future-facing technology

CES 2022: the innovations that stole the show

The emerging tech-driven trends that will impact marketers over the next year

CES 2022

modern room light space

13 Jan 2022

2022 tech trends through the lens of CES

Wavemaker outlines the emerging tech-driven trends and what they mean for marketers this year

Image showing the metaverse featuring figures of people

06 Jan 2022

Join the Wunderman Thompson metaverse

Discover a new frontier of customer experience where the opportunities are limitless

Family using VR headsets

06 Jan 2022

Inclusive innovation

Mindshare’s Rachel Lowenstein on how to create empathy-driven experiences

CES backdrop saying 'Welcome to Las Vegas'

06 Jan 2022

Topics to watch in 2022

From creative commerce to mixed reality and NFTs, VMLY&R captures the key trends from this year’s show

Enter the metaverse

Andy Hood, WPP

09 Dec 2021


The metaverse explosion

WPP explores how brands can reach new audiences in the virtual world

Futuristic city

22 Oct 2021

Into the metaverse

Wunderman Thompson reveals the consumer trends and brand opportunities emerging as the metaverse takes shape

Car light trail driving straight in surreal digital render scenario

06 Oct 2021

Gaming and the metaverse

Landor & Fitch outlines why gaming is both the genesis and the current centre of the metaverse

Augmented reality simulation of new buildings

04 Oct 2021

The metaverse workforce

Wunderman Thompson on how the way we connect, live and work is transforming as a result of the digital revolution

Accelerating growth

Women buying online

09 Nov 2021

Driving rapid business growth with social Shops

VMLY&R Commerce explores a new route to market

concept of a person made out of data

28 Oct 2021

Driving value at scale with human-centred personalisation

Ogilvy on the growing need for brands to embrace authenticity

Glowing cube

02 Sep 2021

Why visual AI is the next frontier of ecommerce

BAV Group discovers how visual artificial intelligence (AI) can help brands and retailers thrive

Report cover image showing an abstract picture of mountains and icebergs

26 May 2021

Regeneration rising

Wunderman Thompson Intelligence on how brands can use regeneration as a framework for driving lasting change

Featured work

Girl sat on her Mother's knee watching the ballet with Dell's eSight glasses on

17 Nov 2021

VMLY&R: Dell’s Unseen Ballet

How Dell used technology to give people with visual impairments an unforgettable experience

Fund Femme illustration

22 Sep 2021

Wunderman Thompson: Fund Femme

Helping to level the playing field for women and non-binary entrepreneurs

Half of the image is of a girls face and the other half is of the world with a face

20 Apr 2021

AKQA: Studio Olafur Eliasson's Earth Speakr

Amplifying children’s views on the future wellbeing of the planet to global leaders

Nestlé Brazil The KitKat Chocolatory Ecommerce Experience. Graphic of ecommerce platform on computer screen

22 Mar 2021

Landor & Fitch: Nestlé Brazil The KitKat Chocolatory Ecommerce Experience

Allowing customers to ‘Have a Break, Have a KitKat’ wherever they are

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