Inclusion champions

Inclusion champions

To coincide with the meeting of WPP’s new global Inclusion Council in September, and National Inclusion Week across the UK, WPP is bringing together 12 changemakers from across the network. These individuals are driving key conversations around inclusion and diversity and the industry-wide agenda forward. Across six conversations they discuss action, initiatives, and the power of advertising and marketing to create change in wider society.


WPP Inclusion Champions

01 Oct 2020


Inclusion champions: Jacqui Canney and Tripti Lochan

The magic of multicultural, multigenerational, multifaceted workforce

WPP Inclusion Champions

30 Sep 2020


Inclusion champions: Amy Walker and Christine Benton

The transformative power of a neurodiverse workforce

WPP Inclusion Champions

29 Sep 2020


Inclusion champions: Neo Makhele and Keith Cartwright

The importance of tension in creating great work

WPP Inclusion Champions LGBTQAI

28 Sep 2020


Inclusion champions: Sunetro Lahiri and Florencia Spinetta

LGBTQIA+ representation in advertising and the importance of carving out safe spaces for unfiltered conversations