The metaverse: a 6-minute masterclass

Andy Hood, WPP's Vice President, Emerging Technologies, explores the opportunities presented by the virtual world in this 6-minute masterclass. 

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WPP's Rob Reilly speaking to camera

26 Oct 2021


Impact people. Impact the world

WPP's Rob Reilly shares career tips for up-and-coming creatives

Francis Carrero-Green, Manager, WPP; Ben Seinen, CEO, pep Promotions and Fatima Bodrick, Account Executive, pep Promotions in conversation

26 Oct 2021


What is WPP Elevate?

VMLY&R's Francis Carrero-Green and pep's Ben Seinen and Fatima Bodrick on the bespoke leadership experience

Daniel Hulme, CEO, Satalia in conversation with Di Mayze, Global Head of Data & AI, WPP in conversation

26 Oct 2021


How AI can be used to future-proof a business

Satalia's Daniel Hulme joins WPP's Di Mayze to discuss the ethics of AI and how organisations can use it as a competitive advantage

Ericka Hatfield, Director, Client Engagement, VMLY&R and Rachel Ayeh-datey, Senior Analyst, VMLY&R in conversation

26 Oct 2021


Black History Month UK: celebrating Black British creativity

VMLY&R's Ericka Hatfield and Rachel Ayeh-datey discuss the importance of celebrating Black History Month

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