WPP provides pro-bono campaign support to women's advocacy foundation in Italy

29 Sep 2022

WPP agencies team up to devise a creative campaign for the Fondazione Pangea Onlus, supporting and giving visibility to women in need

In line with WPP’s commitment to support its people and the communities in which it operates, WPP hosted a creative workshop at its Milan Campus in May in collaboration with the Fondazione Pangea Onlus. The foundation, based in Milan, seeks to support disadvantaged women and women and children under threat of violence or persecution, both in Italy and abroad.

Bringing together more than 40 people – including copywriters, media planners, social media managers and graphic designers – from across all agencies through the campus’ DEI group, Winspire, the WPP workshop saw the creation of two pro-bono campaigns in support of Fondazione Pangea Onlus. The first project aimed at creating a digital campaign to promote the foundation’s commitment to support women in Afghanistan and to promote the organisation’s fundraising activities. A second project focused on an OOH campaign to raise awareness on the issue of combating violence against women.

The campaign in support of Afghan women, executed in collaboration with editorial and OOH partners who provided free advertising space, has now been activated across multiple digital channels and Pangea Onlus’ social channels.

Simona Maggini, Country Manager of WPP in Italy, said: “Sharing our skills and expertise, as well as supporting programs that promote the inclusion of women and the socio-economic development of underrepresented groups is one of WPP's core values – building better futures for our communities. I am proud that we were able to come together and support Pangea Onlus and their important causes, something we will certainly repeat in the future.”

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