Superunion launches as next-generation brand agency

23 Jan 2018

LONDON — Today sees the launch of Superunion, a next-generation global brand agency, offering clients access to a wider, more connected range of strategic and creative services. The new agency is led by Global CEO Jim Prior and Simon Bolton as Executive Chairman.

Superunion has a network of 750 people, with 23 offices in 18 countries, and client billings in excess of $100 million worldwide; its clients include Diageo, FIFA, Ford, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Vodafone.

It is designed to answer the needs of clients today by enabling them to engage with a wider array of specialists, provide a more connected set of services, and will make strategic, creative and client- focused excellence accessible at scale.

As announced in September 2017, the new agency brings together the expertise of five WPP agencies: Brand Union's strategic strength and global influence, The Partners' award-winning creative excellence, Lambie-Nairn's unparalleled history in identity and motion graphics, Addison's unique understanding of corporate audiences, content development and digital delivery and the premium packaging offer of VBAT (which will continue to operate under the VBAT name).

By combining these five specialist agencies, Superunion is able to work with clients across a broader spectrum of critical audiences than its competitors. These include corporate, consumer, customer and talent, and together provide a more complete view of the role of brand in driving strategic advantage for clients.

Superunion has more senior level, strategic and creative leaders who will help organisations rethink how their most ambitious goals can be achieved, applying upstream creativity to the heart of business not just its outward expression.

Jim Prior, Global CEO at Superunion, said: “The world needs creative solutions to stimulate growth, in a way that traditional approaches alone cannot achieve, which is why we have formed Superunion. That creativity has to be applied at the centre of the business, where it can affect things like innovation, product and service, recruitment and retention, culture change, people’s experience of the brand, and the driving purpose of the organisation. We will offer more integrated services, high level strategic relevancy and closer connections to audiences, building stronger brands that drive our clients’ success.”

Simon Bolton, Executive Chairman at Superunion, said: “We want our clients and their brands to build great, mutually beneficial relationships with their customers, various stakeholders and society at large. While it’s a big goal, we believe it gives them a much bigger chance of long-term success. Using our core principle of creative optimism and bringing the power of creativity to organisations, we are creating union that drives business growth.”

For further information please contact:

Christina Mannatt, Associate Director, Global Marketing
+1 917 755 2795

Inga Howell, Business Development Director
+44 (0)7990 566 951

About Superunion

Superunion is a next-generation brand agency. We use upstream creativity to build brands that unite people and organisations. Founded in response to the nature of clients’ needs today, Superunion is the convergence of five WPP brand consultancies and design agencies—Brand Union, The Partners, Lambie- Nairn, Addison Group and VBAT. It comprises 750 people across 23 offices in 18 countries, and works with clients including Aetna, Airbus, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Colgate-Palmolive, Dell, Deloitte, Diageo, FIFA, Ford, HEINEKEN, IAG, Land Rover, Nestle, Pfizer, Prudential, Tesco and Vodafone.

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