Public Apology given by Steve Simpson to Mindshare and WPP

5 Jan 2012

“This statement is made by Mr Steve Simpson following settlement of High Court proceedings commenced by Mindshare Media UK Limited (“Mindshare”) against Mr Steve Simpson. The terms of settlement are confidential but this statement is made as I wish to apologise unreservedly and publicly to Mindshare and WPP for my conduct in spring and summer 2011, leading up to and following my resignation from Mindshare to join Marketshare EMEA Partners Limited as Executive Vice President.

I acknowledge that I acted in breach of the duties I owed Mindshare and WPP. I should not have undertaken work for Marketshare EMEA Partners Limited whilst still a Mindshare employee and should not have acted against Mindshare's interests. I accept that I placed myself in a position of conflict and now regret this. I am no longer employed by Marketshare EMEA Partners Limited.

I hope that with this settlement and apology I can now put this matter behind me."