Apologies given to WPP, Kantar and The Futures Company

15 Mar 2011

This statement is made by Crawford Hollingworth, Sian Davies and Sarah Davies, former directors and employees of The Futures Company.

Following our resignations from The Futures Company in spring 2010, certain issues arose between us and the Company including solicitation of the Company's employees. We have now resolved all of these issues with WPP, Kantar and The Futures Company and a settlement has been concluded the terms of which are confidential.

We make this statement to apologise unreservedly for the issues which arose since we realise that we overstepped the mark when setting up our new agency when still employed by The Futures Company. We acknowledge that WPP, Kantar and The Futures Company are entitled to protect their business interests and with this apology, look forward to putting this matter behind us.