Unreserved Public Apology by Fiona McMillan

20 Apr 2010

This statement is made by Fiona McMillan, former board director of Cohn & Wolfe, following settlement of the proceedings issued against her in the High Court in London by Cohn & Wolfe. Those proceedings were commenced against various Defendants, including Rebecca Galbraith, also a former board director of Cohn & Wolfe. The proceedings remain ongoing against Ms Galbraith.

In these proceedings Cohn & Wolfe alleged that Ms McMillan acted in breach of contract and fiduciary duty by misappropriating proprietary information belonging to Cohn & Wolfe and preparing to actively compete with the agency whilst sitting as a board director.

"The terms of settlement are confidential but I make this statement to apologise unreservedly to Cohn & Wolfe and WPP for my actions, which I accept were ill judged and in breach of my legal obligations. I removed proprietary information belonging to Cohn & Wolfe but confirm that I did not open or disseminate that information to any third parties.

I acknowledge that Cohn & Wolfe and WPP had to take legal action against me to protect their legitimate business interests.

I am sorry for my conduct and hope that with this settlement, compensation payment and unreserved apology I can now put this litigation behind me".