Unreserved Apology

16 Apr 2010

This statement is made by Jeremy Clark following settlement of the proceedings commenced against him in the High Court in London by Cohn & Wolfe. Those proceedings were commenced against several Defendants, including Fiona McMillan and Rebecca Galbraith, former directors of Cohn & Wolfe. The proceedings remain ongoing against those two individuals.

The terms of settlement between us are confidential but I make this statement to apologise unreservedly to Cohn & Wolfe for my involvement in this matter. At no point in time did I set out to act against the interests of Cohn & Wolfe but acknowledge that Cohn & Wolfe felt the need to protect their business interests. I hope that with this settlement and unreserved apology we can now put this matter behind us.

Neither party will make any further comment at any stage.

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