collage of food items on colourful background

06 Jun 2023

Ogilvy: SuperMax’s Reusables

Turning ‘use by’ dates into ‘use for’ the environment

Image of a mother and daughter smiling for a picture

30 May 2023

Ogilvy & Mindshare: Dove’s The Cost of Beauty

Driving awareness of the harmful impact of toxic online beauty content

Spotify Wrapped 2022 in logo in bright yellow and orange on a bright purple background

30 May 2023

SJR: Spotify’s For the Record

Harnessing hypervisual storytelling to amplify Spotify Wrapped

Colourful red book with FAQ YOU written on it on a bright yellow background

30 May 2023

Thjnk: Ohhh! Foundation’s FAQ YOU

Empowering young people to transform sexual health education in Germany

Three men stood together looking at a phone

30 May 2023

VMLY&R: Vivo and Motorola’s Buscapé

Collaborating to create content that pays tribute to great landmarks of Brazilian culture

Collage of women in Iran

30 May 2023

Wunderman Thompson: Iran Democracy Council’s A.IRAN

AI can help predict the future for Iranian women, but we can help change it

A brick from the La Rocca nightclub on a pedestal downlit in a beautiful glow on a dark background

30 May 2023

LDV United: Jumbo’s Brick from a Legend

Transforming brand detraction into advocacy – one brick at a time

Three boxers standing in front of microphones / at a press conference

30 May 2023

VMLY&R: Movistar’s Shouts

Tackling homophobia in Mexico with a boxing film that questions the nature of machismo

Rosalía with Coke move can

30 May 2023

AKQA, Ogilvy and WPP Open X: Coca-Cola’s Coke Move

Bringing to life the transformational power of music

Female getting a mammogram with a nurse

30 May 2023

Grey: LALCEC’s The Postponed Day

Inspiring Argentine women to prioritise breast cancer detection

Influencer on the red carpet being photographed with Wendy's head imposed

30 May 2023

VMLY&R: Wendy’s Still Fresh. Never Frozen.

Building affinity among the next generation of fast-food eaters

collage of nike ads

30 May 2023

AKQA: Nike’s 50th Anniversary

Honouring the past and inventing the future

Girl playing sport, screaming with text that reads 'aim at our prowess'

30 May 2023

Wunderman Thompson: LUX’s Change the Angle

Raising awareness of sexism in sports coverage

Brightly coloured Ford van with man standing next to it

30 May 2023

VMLY&R: Ford Motor Company’s #MakeItVisible

Building awareness of male suicide and promoting the front seats of a vehicle as a safe space to talk

A woman and her vampire boyfriend on the doorstep to meet her parents at Christmas

30 May 2023

Grey: Coca-Cola’s Christmas Always Finds A Way

Transforming festive advertising in a changing media landscape

Black and white image of politician and the transparency card

30 May 2023

AKQA: Congresso em Foco’s Transparency Card

Helping Brazilians identify corruption in public spending

Hand holding up Receipt

25 May 2023

Grey: University Zumbi dos Palmares’ Receipts to Keep Fighting

Uniting businesses to tackle racism and ignite change

Abebe Bikila as Icarus coming out of an oil painting

25 May 2023

AKQA: Abebe Bikila’s Neo Icarus

A Greek myth retold for the present