10 Apr 2019

VMLY&R Sydney: UNICEF The Hope Page

Allowing you to contribute your computer’s spare processing power to mine cryptocurrency


09 Apr 2019

Scholz & Friends Berlin: WWF & The Karajan Academy of the Berliner Philharmoniker The Insect Concerto

Classical musicians and real insects make music onstage together for the first time


09 Apr 2019

Ogilvy Singapore: BRAC Space on Earth

Rohingya children send an unforgettable message to space


09 Apr 2019

VMLY&R Mexico: Save the Children Mexico Survivors

How the charity helps and supports children in extreme situations


09 Apr 2019

GTB London: Ford Elephant in Transit

Partnering with Time to Change to encourage men to talk about mental health


09 Apr 2019

VMLY&R Bogota: World Amblyopia Campaign iRESCUE

Turning printed media into lazy eye screening and treatment


09 Apr 2019

Wunderman Thompson New York: Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Adaptive

Innovating to create an inclusive disability-friendly clothing line


09 Apr 2019

Sra. Rushmore: International Committee of the Red Cross Hope

Raising awareness of attacks on hospitals and health workers in areas of armed conflict


09 Apr 2019

Wunderman Thompson London: Stop Ivory Going, Going, Gone

Highlighting how ivory trade, despite being illegal, continues to take place


08 Apr 2019

Ogilvy: Coca-Cola Love Story

A tale of two star-crossed plastic bottles


08 Apr 2019

POSSIBLE: The Lonely Whale Foundation #StopSucking

Asking individuals, organisations, and brands to pledge their commitment to A Strawless Ocean


10 Mar 2019

Ogilvy: Hindustan Lever Start a Little Good

A series of video spots tackling sustainability priorities


09 Mar 2019

AKQA: AACD Hospital Friendly Arms

A small kindness makes the biggest difference

WPP 0419 Featured Work Bestmencanbe

19 Feb 2019

Grey: Gillette The Best Men Can Be

Triggering the conversation on what it is to be a man today

WPP Featured Work 0319 MAC-Experience v2

19 Feb 2019

Wunderman Thompson: MAC Experience Centre

Reinventing the physical retail experience

WPP 0419 Featured Work Oceans-of-the-future

19 Feb 2019

Ogilvy: Greenpeace Ocean of the future

The effects of plastic waste through the eyes of school children

WPP 0419 Featured Work Wunderman Thompson Blink-and-they-are-gone

19 Feb 2019

Wunderman Thompson: Blink. And They Are Gone

Documenting the lives of the world’s indigenous communities

WPP Featured Work 0319 Lyft-Luck-Machine

16 Feb 2019

ISL: The Lyft Luck Machine

An antidote to marketing apathy

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